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Oct 13 - Coastal Carolinas Orchid Soc program, Charleston, SC
Oct 19 - 20 - Gainesville Orchid Soc Show, Gainesville, FL
Oct 20 - Virginia Orchid Soc program, Richmond, VA
Nov 9 - Alamo Orchid Soc Workshop, San Antonio, TX
Nov 12 - Catawba Valley Orchid Soc program, Hickory, NC
Nov 15 - Far Corners Garden Club Program, Charlotte, NC
Dec 14 - Reynolda Gardens Show and Sale, Winston-Salem, NC
Jan 15 - South Florida Orchid Soc Program, Miami, FL



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Need Speakers for your Society?

  Linda is an accomplished speaker and really enjoys doing programs for orchid societies and garden groups. She is an accredited judge for the American Orchid Society. And is a recipient of the American Orchid Society's Certificate of Education. She served 6 years as a Trustee with the American Orchid Society.
  Travel is not a problem, we can easily do a variety of programs for orchid societies in a specific area and let them share the expenses. If your society would be interested in having us do a program (or series of programs), just call or contact us by email. 

Programs currently available include:
Oncidium Intergenerics - Unraveling the Mystery
Oncidium Types and their Culture
The Real Miltonias
The Magnificent Stanhopeas
Living Gems - Little Plants for Small Places
The Wonderful World of Oncidiums
AOS Judging 101

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